Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Mushrooms, whenever you want them

Nature always has its own time to give all its providence to us. But science went a step ahead and proved that we can get anything at anytime, if we plan. Ms. Pyari, a young lady from an ordinary middle class family  proves this by her own effort of cultivating mushroom at home. 

It is a well-known fact that only during the rainy season we can get mushroom, it would definitely surprise you if you get a well-prepared mushroom curry in the hot summer day. That was what happened to me when I encountered her in a remote area of the new state Jharkhand in India. It was an inspiring work that she is involved in. She is the pioneer of the new business in that area and now there are more than hundred people involved in the same.

Ms. Pyari started the cultivation just as an hobby. But later the situation led her to change her hobby into a leading business. She says, about her hobby, “I am doing this because I do not want to waste time and being idle is not good for both mind and body. This, I would not call an exercise, it’s more like my pastime and it produces very good food for us.”

Since Pyari made her hobby into a business, she earns more than thirty thousand per month. Though she is doing business out of this new and rare cultivation, she still maintains her humbleness and relates with people in a simple and joyful manner. This character of Pyari helped her to teach the new technique to the villagers. Thus there are more than 200 families benefiting from cultivating mushroom.

Though the internet provides with enough information about cultivating mushroom with many modern technologies, Pyari gives an easier way out. She said, “I learned this from one of my friends. She did not charge me for anything and that is why I teach the villagers for free. Every day I go to different houses and practically teach them how to grow mushrooms. I am happy to share with the world the way I prosper.”

Since there are less facilities in the village for chemicals, they use all the available things like paddy straw and hot water.  As per the rule, the paddy straw has to be boiled well in hot water. This is done in order to sterilize the straw. Mushroom is fragile in nature and can be easily spoilt. There is a long complicated process which is followed in order to keep them safe. After 21-23 days the seeds sprout out tearing the wall of the bags. Once it is out, they have to be watered at least three times a day. Healthy mushrooms are thus grown in the village. Pyari, along with the village, is truly a inspiration to us all.


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