Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Comparisons are odious

      Considering Catcher in the Rye was written in '46, I guess the language and style was probably alien to that time. The constant stream of profanities, and nasty behaviour of its protagonist and his school mates have left me at pg 57 sort of reeling with the goddammits and Sonuvabitches, peppered very liberally across the pages. I need a break from the book sadly, and succour has come in the shape of a lovely little book called The Other Side of the Table by Madhumita Mukherjee.
     The courier has just come with it and I happily put down Catcher and have picked the new book up.
     The bongs can write and they have a great command of the language. I know I teach in COMMITS and the kids come mostly from Cal and phew! every piece of theirs is excellent and just grabbed up by dear old Deccan Herald. Funnily enough they hit the ground running and dont need to take time to fit into the 'I am trying to get published mode'. In a matter of weeks after my taking class with them, they are all over DH and raking in the 1k and 2k's for their pithy little fashion pieces!
     I am enjoying The Other Side of the Table and its been published by a new publishing house called Finger Print. The touch and feel and smell of the book too is just right.Anyone want to borrow it -- most welcome!

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