Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Data cards or Wireless Network?

Is switching to internet Modems (data cards) good or bad? Or is it still the old fashioned wireless network which is occupied in connecting to internet and the consumers? Well, whatever it is these network industries have grown along with the technology.

Wireless networks are computer networks which avoid installing cables into buildings or connections with various equipments. They are connected using radio communication which is easy and has no issues in getting connected easily. It’s a very fast process and very friendly with home network.  Wireless network is widely used in offices, colleges and schools of late.

Modems are devices that modulate a signal to encode digital information.  Modems can be used over many ways of transmitting analogue signals from light to radio signals. Over the years, people have accessed to internet modems as they are portable, weightless, fast browsing and cost- reasonable when compared to a wireless network.  They are generally classified by the amount of data that can be sent in a given unit of time. And most of us relay on them to provide customer satisfaction and security which is not honourably present in wireless network. Internet modems provide customer service 24*7 and security.

“Main reason of getting access to them is because they are cost reliable and they come with a good quality and customer support,” said Archana Iyer, a student. She further adds that she has switched over to internet modems since two years; they work great and give her better satisfaction in browsing.

Wireless networking is a little more complicated when compare to modem networking. In wireless networking consumers need to undergo lot of process and costs is not friendly with everyone which is possible with modems. Looking at rate of usage which people get with modems, in present network companies started to manage service with both wireless and modems.

The availability of these networking devices is reachable when compared to wireless. And there are various ranges in these modems. “Wireless network is what I get accessed when I am working at home but then I always have a deadline of working with wireless LAN  as they cost a lot,” said Sushma, She even says that she prefers carrying a modem to work on net than collecting all work and sorting it out in home with fear with wireless network.

Bottom line: With the introduction of these modems that are loaded speed, easily portability and as their objectives they have been people’s choice when it comes to internet network.


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