Monday, 18 February 2013

Clothes do not cause rape

Indian men, in a creative move wore skirts to bring a halt to the country’s rape culture. An initiative by Aditya Mallya, a Bangalore based professional and the brains behind the ‘Skirt the issue campaign” organised at Cubbon Park, Bengaluru.

Though rapes were considered an age old crime, the bottled up anger was vented by Indians after the rape that led to the death of Jyoti Singh Pandey also known as “Nirbhaya”.  This tragic event that occurred on December 16 in Delhi triggered a lot of responses from people across the country.

Photo Courtesy:  Samarpita Samaddar

With a lot of protests happening, the men in Bengaluru decided to join the act in their own unique way by “Skirting the issue”. Though it was not a rally or protest, it had one simple message to the politicians’ comments that a piece of cloth does not cause a rape.

This thought of skirting was the initiative of Aditya Mallya, a Bangalore based professional and Samarpita Samaddar, co-founder of this creative form of expression.The walk also spread the message that blaming a woman for being raped is dreadful.

“It’s a different way of spreading the message, a way that grabbed attention and also told the conservative politicians that they need to be more broad minded. It is a creative way of protesting.” says Johnson Raj Kumar, a media activist and a faculty at Dept. of Visual Communication, St. Joseph’s College, Bengaluru.

In an ingenious way, this idea of skirting the issue is an eye opener for all the narrow minded politicians to think twice before making a comment.


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