Monday, 18 February 2013

“Easy answers: God’s answering,” Albert Einstein

The life of one of the world’s greatest minds was coming to an end at Princeton Hospital in Princeton, New Jersey, USA. He was assigned a special ward with a nurse to take care of him in days which would turn out to be his last days. Even if it was going to be his last hours alive, all he had with him was his notes, glasses and basic stationary. Astonished by his meticulous approach to his work, she asked him if he would ever stop working and rest. To which he answered that he would not until he finds answers to his questions. To this, she asked him that did all questions have an answer to them. Trying to defend his relentless urge for finding answers, he said, “I don’t know. But, I will keep searching answers to my questions.”

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Giving all of us a message, he said that we should keep finding the answers to our questions because there is no reason why God would hide something from us. Adding to this and eventually making a statement that would inspire anyone, he said that as soon as we start finding answers easily, it meant that God was answering. With this, Professor Albert Einstein, regarded as one of the greatest scientists of all time, left an impact on my mind. This particular statement of his made me take a pledge in life that I will never stop finding answers to what I want to know and I want to do. I always believed in the fact that God gives us what we deserve and this statement certainly made my belief stronger.

Like every one of us, I went through a set of experiences in my life that have moulded me in what I am today. At present, I have a lot to look forward to, challenges and joys alike. Considering this, I believe in Einstein’s words and pledge to keep fighting until I find answers or solutions to the problems in my life. Probably, all of us should take this up as a principle in our life and dedicate all our strength in doing something that we believe in.

As Einstein puts it, no one can be sure of the fact that he would find answers to all his questions. But it’s the quest for those answers that is more important. It’s this quest that requires persistent determination and eventually the answers would come to light. We need to give it all what we have and strive for the solutions. After all, fortunes are not written, they are made.


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