Monday, 6 May 2013

Do women have to live in fear?

In the past few days we have seen a number of atrocities against women. Girls aged five to teenagers and adult women have been molested and gang raped. Rapes have been making the headlines all over and in most cases the victims have not been given justice. This is a huge question mark on the Indian system and a shame to our nation.

The Indian youth raised their voice only after the ‘Delhi Gang Rape case’, where a girl was gang raped by six men on a bus. The whole country mourned and expressed their anger and disgust against the rapists and the government for their laid back attitude. Several different opinions and wants were brought out in the protests. While a few demanded justice for the girl, others insisted for a change in the law. “Death penalty for rapists,” was the slogan that rang loud.

Victims of rape seldom get justice; the criminals are given a 7 year imprisonment after which they are free. This definitely is not justice for a woman who has gone through psychological, emotional and physical trauma and who will carry the scars of his deed all through her life.

When the media brings to light such cases of rape, it becomes hard for the women all over the country to react in any other way apart from showing fear. It’s strange how rapes spread the message that women must take precaution and must stop provoking men rather than bringing a sense of reasoning among the public, especially the men. After all, the law does not specify that men provoked to rape are not rapists and who defines what is provocative to men and what is not. At the end of the day, why must women bear the brunt of the crime a man commits?

When the law starts treating rape as a crime fit to be given capital punishment, the public will change their attitude towards the incident, rapists will think twice before they commit such a brutal act. Rapes have become so common in the recent times, because the culprits do not fear the law. Rapists must be given death penalty, for the torture they put a woman through and for instilling fear in the hearts of several other females.

Human Rights Commission must look into the amount of human rights violation that happens every day when a woman is raped and when an infant is molested. Only when they realise the gravity of the situation will they understand that ‘capital punishment’ will do greater good to the society.

If one individual is living in fear of being manhandled or molested in a free and democratic country like India, it’s a black mark on the nation as a whole.

By demanding death penalty for rapists, India sends out only one message, the time for women to take precaution is over, it’s time to end the atrocities on women. It’s not just justice for one rape victim battling her life, it’s justice for several others who have gone through the same situation and the rest of the women in our country, who would not have to think twice before leaving home or coming late after work or college, it’s justice for every mother who will not be afraid of sending her daughter to school. It’s justice for the female deity India has worshipped for years.

- Sarah Thomas

Internet Shopping: The Latest Fad

Are you that typical shopper who walks into a million showrooms just to pick that perfect piece which would make you stand out? Or are you that person who wastes hours shopping, trying to perfect your wardrobe? Well if you thought there was no other way to do it than to go out and waste your precious time, then you were wrong!

We live in an era, where showrooms and brands come to your door step to cater to your needs. ‘Online Shopping’ is the new craze among shoppers. There are thousands of brands and millions of products that one could buy only through a click, and it comes with several benefits as well.

“Previously, online shopping meant disclosing your information and paying online, which was not safe. Many people were reluctant to shop online, but now with the ‘cash on delivery option’, consumers have a sense of security and if you don’t like the product you could exchange it,” said Merlyn D’Costa, home maker and regular online buyer.

Speaking about products and brands, internet shopping knows no bounds. From machinery to fashion accessories, they have it all. Electronic items are bought online as much as clothes and shoes. Online Shopping also called E-commerce has done a lot of good to several people. Even if one doesn’t have the full amount in hand, there is an option to pay in instalments.

Highlighting another benefit of online shopping, Darshan Chandrashekar, employee at Hewlett and Packard said that online shopping is a boon for workaholics like him, since he hardly gets time off to go shopping. Half an hour on the web and his work was done he added.

The rates online are lesser than what you would see in a showroom, and another advantage of shopping on the web is that shopping sites also provide discount coupons to their consumers. Mahesh Karunakaren, working at Ocwen expresses his opinion on the online shopping trend, “I have bought several products online and I have never been disappointed. A buyer not only gets to choose a product based on brand description, but you can also read several other consumer reviews, and you would instantly know if it’s worth the buy or not. I am also a part of several online sites and I get discount coupons too, which adds to the shopping experience.”

Online shopping involves several sites such as ‘Myntra’, ‘Jabongg’, ‘Yebhi’, ‘BeStylish’ and ‘Flipkart’. They are the shopping malls in the virtual world. Each site has its own policy and benefits that it offers its consumers. Vichitra Johnson, Engineering student at Vemana Institute of Technology appreciated the online sites for their efficiency. She said that she was amazed at the speed at which the product was delivered, a message was all she got and she received her package within two days.

There are a few qualms among customers about the sites not being genuine. However, the popular sites online have hardly given consumers a chance to complain. So it is very important for one to shop on a trusted and popular site.

Internet shopping has been growing in leaps and bounds in the recent times. Teenagers and adults have gone gaga over the new shopping trend. It’s fast, convenient, consumer friendly and feasible. There’s no reason one must hold oneself back from shopping online. If you haven’t shopped online yet, don’t worry it’s never too late to start.

- Sarah Thomas